sitting at home

There is nothing like friday nights. went and had dinner with my moms. Then went and saw my brother from another mother.while driving around listening to some nice groovy drum and bass and… Continue reading


the last of all the rolls. 2 days of scanned photos. 80 something all together. not all are here but i did scan 80 something. this last roll i shot with my other… Continue reading

photo blog 2

So here we are again another roll of film well actually like 2 combined together. As i said in a earlier post this camera was crap alot of images came out weird blurry,… Continue reading

crap cameras

i have been gong through rolls of film all weekend looking at scanned images and im disappointed in all of them… i used one of my cameras that i never have shot before… Continue reading

new photos

its been awhile since i actually posted a photo blog alot of the shots have turned to family shots well mostly of Chloe not that i mind. but there other things i find… Continue reading


photos finally coming this weekend…Yeah!