abstract nothing

for some time now i have been making alot of abstract pieces honestly i dont know why maybe im just tired of the way graphic design is taking me. some of these things… Continue reading

the pasing of a family member

tonight i went to a memorial for one of my past coworkers. i hadn’t seen him in some time and to hear of his passing was really shocking to me and Talia, seeing… Continue reading

dodging low trees

thats what you are trying to do when you are riding your bike on the sidewalk. tonight i had a awesome night. As you might already know i love riding a bike more… Continue reading


Sometimes one gets very tired of pushing logos and text on screen. Take for instance this ad I’m working on not so much a ad as a flyer for community members talking about… Continue reading


Mark Rothko


I have decided to delete my old blog because well I’m tired of posts that don’t make any sense. It is one thing to be reading what’s on my mind, when you put… Continue reading