Tour De Fat 2010 In Tempe AZ

For the Last couple of years, well since 2008 I have attended the Tour De Fat here in Tempe AZ. We usually meet at our friend’s then ride over to the actual event. This has become a little tradition among me, Talia and my friends  The Tour Da Fat is a event organized by New Belgium Brewery the crafters of beers such as Fat Tire, Mothership Wit, Sunshine Wheat (my favorites) and others.

The event is usually packed, this year was no exception. Previous years they had a certain area fenced off for the event this year they opened it up to the whole Tempe beach park area. So it was good to see everyone with there bikes and generally having a great time. Yes, beer was consumed and yes I fell of a ledge but no injuries to me or friends. Next year maybe not so much beer.

Here are my pics from the Tempe AZ Tour De Fat. I hope you enjoy and if the event makes it to your area you should try to make it out.


Me and Darrell and Beer #1


Talia and Darrell bestest friends.


Nicole she’s famous she even has her own fan page on facebook. And has even drove the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile.


the three lunatics.


Talia does not drink, and I love her for that. But I do feel bad for her that she always ends up having to watch us kids.


Nicole again.


mom and kiddo.


lots of people.




ummmm chairs… yeah chairs.


Talia’s contribution to this post.


I like this photo alot.


one of my favorite Paul Frank Bikes.


Bike tattoo.


Slowest Race Ever…..


I liked these guys.


Look a Indian!


More Kids.


Number… I dont remember.


I dont think Nicole remembered either at this point.


This is the guy that traded his car for a bike. A death of a car and another rider on the roads!




And last but not least The machines that took us to this awesome party!




And some bicycles i fell in love with.



Well having one to many libations we decided to take the light rail back to our friends house.

And of course this being the first time on the rail i took some street shots.



Well that was the 2010 Tour De Fat through my eyes. can’t wait till the 2011 event!


3 thoughts on “Tour De Fat 2010 In Tempe AZ

  1. Nice to see you online again!

    Those two bikes look like they are in love with each other. Something kind of poignant about the way the hello kitty bike is leaning over.

    Even beer happy, you take great photos.

  2. Hey Beth!

    Yeah they did look like they were in love.

    Yes I was impressed with my picture taking even after beers.

    Also I was checking your blog too glad your still at it!

    – james

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